Call For Special Sessions

The organizing committee for ICASSP 2022 invites proposals for Special Sessions on emerging topics in signal processing. All Special Session proposals should be submitted by completing the online form available below. Please read carefully the submission guideline provided below before submitting your proposal.

Proposal Submission

Special sessions will be in the form of oral presentations (preferred, with up to six papers for each session) or poster presentations (when warranted, with up to twelve papers for each session). Each proposal should include a Session Abstract (limited to 400 words), in which the session organizers elaborate on 1) the motivation for organizing the special session, and 2) the collective quality and potential impact of the committed papers in the proposed session. Each proposal should also include the titles, author lists and abstracts of the committed papers. Six committed papers are required for an oral session proposal, and twelve for a poster session proposal.

No author can appear as co-author in more than one paper for a single special session. An exemption may be made when the first paper is an overview paper (preferably by the organizers). In this case, the co-authors of the first paper can be co-authors of one additional paper in the same session.

Selection of Special Session Proposals

Special sessions proposals will be evaluated based on, in order of importance, 1) proposed session topics, 2) the potential quality and impact of the collection of contributed papers, and 3) the caliber of the session organizer(s) and the participants. A special session should preferably address an emerging topic in signal processing that is not completely aligned with a single Technical Committee (provide URL) of the Signal Processing Society.

The selection of a special session proposal does not guarantee the final acceptance of the special session. Papers submitted to special sessions will undergo a rigorous review process similar to that for regular submissions. The acceptance of a special session for the ICASSP technical program hinges upon the quality of the papers submitted to the special session.

Please email your inquiry related to special sessions to